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Samsung vs Apple…Checkmate !

samsung vs apple

With the release of Galaxy Nexus, Samsung has overthrown Apple to become the largest mobile phone maker be revenue. Apparently Samsung sold over 28 million in the third quarter, where Apple managed to sell only 17 million devices. With this, Apple has been dropped to the third position behind Samsung and Nokia.

Nokia still retains the title of the largest mobile phone seller (in terms of volume). With the upcoming lineup of Nokia Windows phones, It can be said without doubt that Nokia will either retain it’s previous position or become the largest mobile phone maker both in terms of sales and volumes.

Nokia planning to hang up on symbian phones in U.S,Canada

With the vision and commitment of moving Microsoft Windows Phone 7 OS forward, nokia will stop selling symbian smartphones and feature phones in the U.S and Canada. This move will lead to the company to focus on developing and distributing more of windows phones. This definitely seems like a wise decision to Nokia to give itself a very good chance for competing against other windows phone vendors and against the reigning smartphone OS king Android.

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