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Mozilla plans on it’s own OS called B2G

With the announcement of the new operating system Boot to Gecko (B2G), Mozilla seems to be ready to take on android/chrome OS. The hardware target will be handheld devices like tablets and smartphones, making Boot to Gecko more of a challenge to Android than Chrome OS (at least in their current incarnations). With internet use on mobile devices like tablets and smartphones exploding right now, the world will soon be ready for a full-on alternative OS for its future handhelds — just as it was ready for an alternative to Internet Explorer when Firefox began its rise to prominence on the desktop.

According to MozillaWiki, Boot to Gecko utilizes the Android kernel and drivers, but that doesn’t stop Mozilla from taking a jab at Android’s openness. Mozilla, for example, says that Boot to Gecko source code will be made available in real-time. Boot to Gecko could prove to be a steep uphill climb for Mozilla, since the company doesn’t enjoy the close ties with hardware manufacturers that rivals like Google and Microsoft do.

Well let’s all wait and see how the new OS would look like. Cheerrrzzz 🙂

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