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An interesting article about Steve Jobs, Apple and its future

This is perhaps one of the most interesting sort-of articles that I’ve read about Steve Jobs. Just the amount of articles and news about Mr Jobs resignation speaks for significance of Steve Jobs and Apple in the lives of tech-savvy people all over the world. This article also gives a GPS idea of where Apple is headed in the coming years. I urge everyone to read this:


Apple has thus proved that it is not only the most valuable company in the world in terms market and stocks, but also Number One in the minds of people who have ever set their eyes and hands on any of their products.

  Thank you Mr.Steve Jobs. You have been such an inspiration and a living example of a person who has shown people all around the world, how it feels like to dare to live their dreams. On behalf of the entire Human Community, I sincerely wish to see you back with your charisma and enthusiasm 🙂 

Feeling of Gratefulness

I was playing SIMS 2 on my laptop and i suddenly got this crazy thought. I am kinda struggling to just manage one sim to keep him healthy both in mind and body. And now here i wonder that if it can get this hard to control a person and his daily activities, keep him happy and keep his wishes,dreams and ambitions fulfilled, then how hard could it possibly be for the almighty to control and fulfill the needs and dreams of every single human being ?!?!?!

At this point, a simple question to all: ” How many of us actually thank GOD more than asking him for something ? ” . He has blessed us with so many beautiful things in our life, both materialistic and non-materialistic ones. Do we actually take out the time and thank him enough from the bottom of our heart ???

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