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Samsung vs Apple…Checkmate !

samsung vs apple

With the release of Galaxy Nexus, Samsung has overthrown Apple to become the largest mobile phone maker be revenue. Apparently Samsung sold over 28 million in the third quarter, where Apple managed to sell only 17 million devices. With this, Apple has been dropped to the third position behind Samsung and Nokia.

Nokia still retains the title of the largest mobile phone seller (in terms of volume). With the upcoming lineup of Nokia Windows phones, It can be said without doubt that Nokia will either retain it’s previous position or become the largest mobile phone maker both in terms of sales and volumes.

Apple brings in the iPhone 4S

The whole world was eagerly looking forward to the “Let’s talk iphone” event by Apple which was held on the 4th of October. Apple fans were all around the world were crazy and biting their nails in excitement of the possible launch of the iPhone5. But instead they, along with developers were introduced to the iPhone 4S, a modified version of the iPhone 4.

Apple iPhone 4S

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Apple iPhone 5 : Nearly there ?

The recent reports from various sources suggest that Apple will launch it’s latest device, the iPhone 5 on or before October 10. Another clue being offered up today is that Apple is reportedly telling staffers at its Apple Stores that they can’t go on vacation during the second week of October.

Meanwhile, the Apple iPod has been the best buddy of millions across the world but with no news concerning iPod in the upcoming event, could this mean the end of the iPod saga ?

Hilarious app for iPad and iPhone users

Here’s a hilarious app, made specifically for Apple’s iPad but also available for the iPhone. Definitely an app that can keep you and your pet entertained !


To download this app or to know more about it, visit http://www.ipadgameforcats.com/

Now you can make your own version of America’s Funniest Videos !! Ha ha. Thumbs up for this awesome app.

Apple: “Urghhh !! We’ve to stick to Samsung for now”

Apple vs Samsung

Despite the big tech war happening between the two tech giants, Apple has no other choice other than to keep getting key parts for iPhone from Samsung.

Those key parts include the iPhone 5‘s expected main processor, the A5, as well as system memory and flash memory–components that together make up the electronic core.

Samsung will apparently supply the A5 and memory components according to a report in the Korea Times. Korea Times also reported that Samsung Electronics is seeking a “complete ban” on sales of the Apple iPhone 5 in Korea, in response to patent lawsuits by Apple against Samsung.

Apple trying to get a contract with another manufacturer is inevitable, with all the patent and banning sales crap going on between the two companies.


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