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Respect for the King

I usually write techie stuff but today for a change I’m writing about a whole new topic; The Big Cats. I’ve been in whole with lions,tigers,cheetahs and leopards, my whole life, although my personal favorite is the majestic Lion. I’ve always dreamed of having a lion cub as a pet 😀 but i know it’s pretty much not possible, unless i become a zoologist or start my own sanctuary ! But my love for these animals is eternal. The TED talk below has inspired me in taking the honor of writing about this legendary species.

This video gave me the whole flashback of how awesome these creatures truly are. Living amongst the majestic cat species is an opportunity of a lifetime if you ask me. The mere lifetime of these creatures is an epitome of a majestic life. Read more…

Get your Mac onto your iPhone !

Lion Ultimatum

Users of jailbroken iPhone and iPod touch can now get desktop Mac-like functionality onto their device – all thanks to Lion Ultimatum.

Lion Ultimatum is actually a beta project theme for Dreamboard, with a functional file manager and Finder menus, a scrollable dock and draggable windows, along with Stacks, Launchpad, Mission Control and Dashboard. There’s also a customizable lock screen that provides access to the dialer, email and messages. Even the keyboard can be modified to resemble the design of MacBook Pro or the traditional Apple Keyboard.

To get a preview of how the OS would look like on your iPhone and iPod touch or if you’re interested in downloading this theme, head over to http://modmyi.com/forums/iphone-4-new-skins-themes-launches/770351-beta-preview-os-x-lion-ultimatum.html

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