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Apple iPhone 5 : Nearly there ?

The recent reports from various sources suggest that Apple will launch it’s latest device, the iPhone 5 on or before October 10. Another clue being offered up today is that Apple is reportedly telling staffers at its Apple Stores that they can’t go on vacation during the second week of October.

Meanwhile, the Apple iPod has been the best buddy of millions across the world but with no news concerning iPod in the upcoming event, could this mean the end of the iPod saga ?

Is the iPhone 5 wait finally over ??

Tim Cook Apple CEO

As apple fans all over the world are thrilled and gripped with anxiety about the upcoming iPhone 5, there might as well be a reason for all of us to rejoice.

AllThingsD claims that Apple will be holding a major media event on the 4th of October, and that the event will be hosted by newly appointed CEO Tim Cook. With all the rumours going around about the release of iPhone5 in october, could this be it ??

Get your Mac onto your iPhone !

Lion Ultimatum

Users of jailbroken iPhone and iPod touch can now get desktop Mac-like functionality onto their device – all thanks to Lion Ultimatum.

Lion Ultimatum is actually a beta project theme for Dreamboard, with a functional file manager and Finder menus, a scrollable dock and draggable windows, along with Stacks, Launchpad, Mission Control and Dashboard. There’s also a customizable lock screen that provides access to the dialer, email and messages. Even the keyboard can be modified to resemble the design of MacBook Pro or the traditional Apple Keyboard.

To get a preview of how the OS would look like on your iPhone and iPod touch or if you’re interested in downloading this theme, head over to http://modmyi.com/forums/iphone-4-new-skins-themes-launches/770351-beta-preview-os-x-lion-ultimatum.html

iPad’s and iPhones can finally play flash videos !

Media publishers can now stream Flash-based video to iPhones and iPads, Adobe Systems has announced.

Adobe yesterday released Flash Media Server 4.5, which introduces support for Apple’s iOS mobile operating system. It does this by letting broadcasters stream Flash-based video content in an Apple-derived format, HTTP Live Streaming (HLS).

However, the advent of Flash Media Server 4.5 only enables Flash video streaming to iPhones and iPads. Flash-based games, animations and advertisements will still not work on such devices. Finally after a long struggle, Flash finds its way into the iOS !

An interesting article about Steve Jobs, Apple and its future

This is perhaps one of the most interesting sort-of articles that I’ve read about Steve Jobs. Just the amount of articles and news about Mr Jobs resignation speaks for significance of Steve Jobs and Apple in the lives of tech-savvy people all over the world. This article also gives a GPS idea of where Apple is headed in the coming years. I urge everyone to read this:


Apple has thus proved that it is not only the most valuable company in the world in terms market and stocks, but also Number One in the minds of people who have ever set their eyes and hands on any of their products.

  Thank you Mr.Steve Jobs. You have been such an inspiration and a living example of a person who has shown people all around the world, how it feels like to dare to live their dreams. On behalf of the entire Human Community, I sincerely wish to see you back with your charisma and enthusiasm 🙂 

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