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Apple iPhone 5 : Nearly there ?

The recent reports from various sources suggest that Apple will launch it’s latest device, the iPhone 5 on or before October 10. Another clue being offered up today is that Apple is reportedly telling staffers at its Apple Stores that they can’t go on vacation during the second week of October.

Meanwhile, the Apple iPod has been the best buddy of millions across the world but with no news concerning iPod in the upcoming event, could this mean the end of the iPod saga ?

Is the iPhone 5 wait finally over ??

Tim Cook Apple CEO

As apple fans all over the world are thrilled and gripped with anxiety about the upcoming iPhone 5, there might as well be a reason for all of us to rejoice.

AllThingsD claims that Apple will be holding a major media event on the 4th of October, and that the event will be hosted by newly appointed CEO Tim Cook. With all the rumours going around about the release of iPhone5 in october, could this be it ??

Latest Photos show workers in china building the new iphone5

This image was reportedly taken inside the Wintek factory in China, and those workers, sporting crisp white suits and face masks, are said to be building touch screens for Apple’s fifth-generation iPhone.

What can be observed from the picture below is that the iphone5 will replace the small home button with an elongated one. Another thing that can be observed is that the smartphone has a bigger screen than its predecessor.

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