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Power of Open Source and Android – Run Android Apps on iOS

I came across this post on engadget that really illustrates the potential of FOSS. It opens up a world of infinite possibilities. This is one of the main reasons for which I love Android more than iOS or Windows Phone. In the two latter cases, you cannot go beyond a certain limit due to the ‘closed source’ ness of these mobile operating systems. Even though Android too isn’t completely open sourced, it still beats the latter operating systems. The things you can do with an Android device are infinite.

This link shows how Android apps are being run on an iPad.


Is the iPhone 5 wait finally over ??

Tim Cook Apple CEO

As apple fans all over the world are thrilled and gripped with anxiety about the upcoming iPhone 5, there might as well be a reason for all of us to rejoice.

AllThingsD claims that Apple will be holding a major media event on the 4th of October, and that the event will be hosted by newly appointed CEO Tim Cook. With all the rumours going around about the release of iPhone5 in october, could this be it ??

Hilarious app for iPad and iPhone users

Here’s a hilarious app, made specifically for Apple’s iPad but also available for the iPhone. Definitely an app that can keep you and your pet entertained !


To download this app or to know more about it, visit http://www.ipadgameforcats.com/

Now you can make your own version of America’s Funniest Videos !! Ha ha. Thumbs up for this awesome app.

Windows 8 tablet vs iPad. It’s on !!!

This video shows a side by side comparison of the upcoming windows 8 tablet (I assume it’s samsung) and the iPad.

I really love the smoothness and the touch response of the metro UI on the Windows 8 tablet. Really excited and eagerly waiting for this product release.

Potential of iPhone and iPad for medical use

A simple video like the one in the link provided here definitely tells us the potential of use of iPhone’s and iPad’s in medical fields. This video shows  Dr David Albert using a hack on the Apple iPhone to use it for taking ECG’s.




All these make my mouth go wide open at how much use a small smartphone can be in our daily lives. Wow.

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