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Developers can now upload multiple APK’s to Android Market

The new feature now allows an app developer to upload several APK files–each one intended for a specific target device or set of devices–to only one product listing. Prior to the new feature for multiple APK uploads, app developers were allowed to upload only one APK file for every product listing. That has resulted in multiple listings of a single product, with each listing targeting a specific platform version, screen size, or chipset.

With this new feature, developers can now upload multiple apk files for their app into a single listing, with the different apk versions intended for different customers. For example, if u want your app to work properly on both Honeycomb and previous versions, you need not have several listings of the same app in the app store. You can simply place the apks under the same product listing, and the Android Market will choose the right apk to push to the user based on the the characteristics of the user’s device.


An awesome feature indeed !!! Way to go Google !! 🙂

Android Developers can now start writing apps for Google TV

Google released a preview android programming tool plug-in today which enables a developer to write apps for Google TV devices. With the upcoming OS update to Honeycomb, Google TV will be Android compatible. This will help the programmers to build apps, optimize existing phone or tablet apps and distribute these apps to the android market. A plug-in in the android market will help ease the transition for programmers. It will help them to test their apps to check whether it fits the big screen and whether any tweaks are required.

As of now, there’s no word on when the SDK plug-in will be released in final form or when Google TV products will be able to carry Honeycomb, the tablet specific version of Android.

Android Tablet with 250GB storage ?!?!?!

Archos’ upcoming Android “Honeycomb” 3.2 tablet will pack a 250GB hard disk drive that’s been tweaked to perform more like a flash drive. The Archos G9 will sport a 250GB Seagate Momentus thin 2.5-inch hard drive–a mere 7 millimeters thick. Though not as compact as a 1.8-inch HDD (like Apple once used in its MacBook Air and iPod), it’s not as expensive either.

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