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Get your Mac onto your iPhone !

Lion Ultimatum

Users of jailbroken iPhone and iPod touch can now get desktop Mac-like functionality onto their device – all thanks to Lion Ultimatum.

Lion Ultimatum is actually a beta project theme for Dreamboard, with a functional file manager and Finder menus, a scrollable dock and draggable windows, along with Stacks, Launchpad, Mission Control and Dashboard. There’s also a customizable lock screen that provides access to the dialer, email and messages. Even the keyboard can be modified to resemble the design of MacBook Pro or the traditional Apple Keyboard.

To get a preview of how the OS would look like on your iPhone and iPod touch or if you’re interested in downloading this theme, head over to http://modmyi.com/forums/iphone-4-new-skins-themes-launches/770351-beta-preview-os-x-lion-ultimatum.html

Experts warn hacker attack on Android

A mobile security expert says he has found new ways for hackers to attack phones running Google Inc’s Android operating system. Riley Hassell, who caused a stir when he called off an appearance at a hacker’s conference last week, told Reuters he and colleague Shane Macaulay decided not to lay out their research at the gathering for fear criminals would use it attack Android phones. He said in an interview that he identified more than a dozen widely used Android applications that make the phones vulnerable to attack.

“App developers frequently fail to follow security guidelines and write applications properly,” he said. He declined to identify those apps, saying he fears hackers might exploit the vulnerabilities.Hassell said he and Macaulay alerted Google to the software shortcomings they unearthed.

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