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Play with the green droid now as you travel on air

Boeing and Android Collaboration


Boeing, the maker of the 787 Dreamliner has chosen the Android operating system to provide passengers with in-flight entertainment like music, video, and apps. The OS may even provide airline-specific apps to passengers.

The massive airliner will be fitted with Android-based servers and touchscreens. Panasonic is the company that built the screens for the Dreamliner and each seat from first class to economy will have the screen on the back. The screens in business class and first class will be non-touch because the screens will be too far away to reach them.

I can now switch off my smartphone and still play with the androbot. ha ha 😀

Developers can now upload multiple APK’s to Android Market

The new feature now allows an app developer to upload several APK files–each one intended for a specific target device or set of devices–to only one product listing. Prior to the new feature for multiple APK uploads, app developers were allowed to upload only one APK file for every product listing. That has resulted in multiple listings of a single product, with each listing targeting a specific platform version, screen size, or chipset.

With this new feature, developers can now upload multiple apk files for their app into a single listing, with the different apk versions intended for different customers. For example, if u want your app to work properly on both Honeycomb and previous versions, you need not have several listings of the same app in the app store. You can simply place the apks under the same product listing, and the Android Market will choose the right apk to push to the user based on the the characteristics of the user’s device.


An awesome feature indeed !!! Way to go Google !! 🙂

New Samsung Galaxy Tab Firmware Might Block Hacks

Reports claim that Samsung may soon roll out a new firmware update for the Galaxy Tab that will block all jailbreaks, roots and other custom firmware. The new JM6 A, C, and D builds are all planned to prevent unauthorized firmware from running.

Now if this software gets sent to devices this means that not only will the Samsung Galaxy Tab be locked, but it will officially be more restrictive than the iPad. This no doubtedly means no flashing custom ROM’s and not being able to capitalise on rooting the device. Google has always claimed that Android is more open, however this has also lead to manufacturers lock down the hardware as much as they’d like.

New BlackBerry phones to support Android?

Hit by weakening sales, Research In Motion plans to add Android support to next year’s lineup of new BlackBerry smartphones. The new Android-compatible phones will run the company’s QNX software and debut in early 2012. A story earlier this month from the blog Boy Genius Report said that RIM will launch its first QNX-powered BlackBerry, code-named Colt, during the first quarter of 2012.

The move toward Android support is designed to enhance the appeal of BlackBerrys and shake up sales, which have taken a dive due to tight competition from the iPhone and Android devices. The statistics I’ve posted earlier on my blog (http://wp.me/p1DdhW-2q) proves it.

The PlayBook tablet was supposed to be capable of running Android apps by now, but the tablet’s support for Google’s OS has reportedly been delayed until this fall.

Android Developers can now start writing apps for Google TV

Google released a preview android programming tool plug-in today which enables a developer to write apps for Google TV devices. With the upcoming OS update to Honeycomb, Google TV will be Android compatible. This will help the programmers to build apps, optimize existing phone or tablet apps and distribute these apps to the android market. A plug-in in the android market will help ease the transition for programmers. It will help them to test their apps to check whether it fits the big screen and whether any tweaks are required.

As of now, there’s no word on when the SDK plug-in will be released in final form or when Google TV products will be able to carry Honeycomb, the tablet specific version of Android.

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