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Connecting Galaxy Tab in USB mode

Samsung Galaxy Tab

I was developing some stuff for my Samsung Galaxy Tab using the Android SDK and Eclipse. Just follow the simple steps below to get your device detected by Android SDK.

  • First, go to the Samsung site and download Samsung Kies. Install it and then plug in your device.
  • Run Kies. It should now automatically detect your tab and display it’s contents. If it does so, then it means that the USB Drivers for your device is installed by Kies.
  • In order to run the application successfully on the device, the tab should be first set to Debugging Mode. This can be done by simply going to Settings>Application>Development>USB Debugging. Make sure debugging is turned on.
  • After you have created your application, Run it and it should show you an option of connecting either with the live device or with the emulator. Choose your tab from that screen and voila ! The apk file installs on your device and runs it !

Apple notches win against Android

Apple scored a legal victory in its legal tussle with Samsung Electronics over Android devices. Apple has been granted a preliminary injunction by a German court that bans the Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 from being sold in nearly all European Union nations. The ban includes all nations in the EU except for the Netherlands. As with prior complaints, Apple claims the Galaxy Tab is illegally copying technology used in the iPad.

The battle is part of a wider conflict between Apple and the various companies supporting Android. With Google’s mobile software gaining momentum, Apple is attempting to take the wind out of Android’s sails with lawsuits against several of its key supporters.

Apple blocks sales of samsung tablet in Europe

Apple won a significant victory on Tuesday in its campaign against Samsung Electronics over alleged intellectual-property infringements. Samsung has been ordered to remove the Galaxy Tab 10.1, a touchscreen tablet computer that runs Google’s Android software, from stores in Europe as part of an ongoing legal dispute between its creator and Apple, which makes the iPad. The block only affects the Samsung tablet with a 10.1-inch touchscreen, not the various 7-inch versions. Apple is also pursuing its infringement claims in other countries, including in U.S. courts.

This is sure to steam up the war between the two tech rivals. Lets see what Samsung has to say after this.

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