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New Facebook Profile

I just got my new Facebook profile activated. For now it can only be seen by other developers but Mark Zuckerberg announced it’s public release date as 30th of this month.

Preview of my new profile :

Facebook Profile

Facebook Developer Conference f8 looks promising

Just saw the the live streaming of the most awaited f8 conference and to be frank, I’m liking what I see. A different layout for profiles, timeline feature, story of your life aka Memories , Open Graph really look cool and I’m eagerly looking forward to getting started  with all this.

For now, those of you wanting to watch the live recorded streaming of the conference, head over to



Enjoy !! 🙂




Get rid of Facebook real-time status update ticker


For those of you who are annoyed with the latest changes of Facebook, mainly the real-time status update ticker that appears on the top right side of your page, here’s a solution on how to get rid of it.




All thanks to techtonicc.

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