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Adobe builds Flash alternative which extends compatibility to iOS devices

Thanks to a new Flash alternative released, Adobe software will finally be compatible with Apple’s mobile devices. Adobe Edge is a new HTML5-powered design tool that the company says will complement its existing suite of web software, including the famously not iPhone-friendly Flash software. In its press release announcing the release, Adobe talks at length about the power of HTML5 and their continued contributions to building products that cater to the new web standard.

          HTML5 has been all the rage in the developer world for a while. Now seven years in the making, the web programming language was always meant to be a more powerful and more open web standard. Not many people outside of the coder community knew about HTML5 until April 2010 when Steve Jobs explained on Apple’s website why his company’s mobile devices didn’t support Adobe’s Flash animation software.


And finally comes the main question from the minds of flash developers including me from all over the world : ” Does Adobe Edge mean the end of Flash ???

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