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Android App Review: Software Data Cable

The second app from the market which i would like to share my views about is SOFTWARE DATA CABLE. It is an awesome software that allows you to connect and transfer to/from your PC/Laptop. The connection is basically FTP and it does not even require a cable or any software on the PC !!!! This supercool feature helps you to transfer files to or from any PC in no time !!!. Many people recommend using an FTP client rather than the normal windows explorer way. The main advantage of doing this is faster transfer speeds. There may not be so much difference when transferring a small file, but you’ll definitely observe some improvement in speed while transferring sufficiently large files: say a movie. But all in all, a very simple interface and really handy app !!!

Android App Reviews: Alarm Droid

I was thinking about which app to write about first, and then saw this tiny icon on my home screen. Yes, it’s called Alarm Droid. The reason why I’m writing about this app first because this might probably be one of the simplest and least battery consuming app on the market. Another feature I love is the home screen widget available which consists of the same droid image as above followed by the time of the alarm. It’s a very small widget and can fit into any gaps in the screen. Tapping this widget will open up the menu screen where you can set your alarm. A very simple and fast interface and definitely worth downloading !!! Works perfectly on my galaxy tab !!!

This review is from a user-perspective and not from a technical or developer one. So leave a comment below, if you want to know more about this app. Hope this information helps ! Cheerzz 🙂

AVG Antivirus Pro Review

As i promised in one of my previous posts, here’s the basic outline review of AVG Antivirus Pro:

Basically as far as I’ve used ( which is about 2-3 weeks), it’s been really good. Some things i like are:

1. Simple Interface.

2. No complex settings.

3. Scans all around your device including your incoming messages.

4. Once you install a new software, the app automatically checks it for suspicious content. The same goes for text messages.

5. Scales well in tab (Have not tried in all tabs but works well in Galaxy Tab P1000).

6. Do not see any reduction in battery life or anything like that.

7. Runs well in the background without taking up much RAM.

8. A widget for home screen is available as well, which enables you to see what activity the antivirus is performing currently.

Overall a nice piece of antivirus software. I like and i think its worth buying it. Anyways if anyone gets any problem with it or any malicious content despite having the antivirus, please leave a comment below. Hope the information helps ! Cheerz 🙂

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