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Respect for the King

I usually write techie stuff but today for a change I’m writing about a whole new topic; The Big Cats. I’ve been in whole with lions,tigers,cheetahs and leopards, my whole life, although my personal favorite is the majestic Lion. I’ve always dreamed of having a lion cub as a pet 😀 but i know it’s pretty much not possible, unless i become a zoologist or start my own sanctuary ! But my love for these animals is eternal. The TED talk below has inspired me in taking the honor of writing about this legendary species.

This video gave me the whole flashback of how awesome these creatures truly are. Living amongst the majestic cat species is an opportunity of a lifetime if you ask me. The mere lifetime of these creatures is an epitome of a majestic life. Read more…

Feeling of Gratefulness

I was playing SIMS 2 on my laptop and i suddenly got this crazy thought. I am kinda struggling to just manage one sim to keep him healthy both in mind and body. And now here i wonder that if it can get this hard to control a person and his daily activities, keep him happy and keep his wishes,dreams and ambitions fulfilled, then how hard could it possibly be for the almighty to control and fulfill the needs and dreams of every single human being ?!?!?!

At this point, a simple question to all: ” How many of us actually thank GOD more than asking him for something ? ” . He has blessed us with so many beautiful things in our life, both materialistic and non-materialistic ones. Do we actually take out the time and thank him enough from the bottom of our heart ???

Success and Failure

Doesn’t it happen very often that we’re faced with a really big challenge in our life whether it be issues with your education or career or love or marriage or with friends/relatives, and we suddenly sit and think ” Why GOD ??!?! Why me ?!?!”. I know that this situation would’ve happened atleast once or more in everyone’s life.

I recently faced challenges regarding my career, wherein i felt like i lost everything. I’m really obsessed with having a good career and taking care of my parents and living a dream life along with them and my most cherished friends. When i was faced with this challenge, i used to constantly keep thinking about how my life would be in the future if i was unsuccessful in achieving those dreams that kept me sleepless. But when i calmed myself down and start to take things in a positive way and with a good spirit, i realised a very important lesson which i would love to share here so that i can hope to influence millions of people to start thinking the same way.

It so happens that when we face success or a triumph in our life, we get so overjoyed about it that we don’t even think about what all difficulties we had faced to get that success. A student who studies day and night is definitely not doing any easy task, but when he gets a really good grade, he does not even think for a moment about the hardships or the tension involved. And since you’re happy and your mind is happy as well, you suddenly feel open to loads of opportunities and you feel so blessed to have all that in your life.

Now if we take the scenario where we are faced with a big challenge. We sit day and night thinking about the issue rather than what can be done hereafter to prevent the particular scenario or we sit and think all the possible negative things about the future that we possibly could !!! As a result our mind weakens, and since our mind and body are one, our body feels weak as well. Then we start feeling sick and blah blah blah…..GOSH !!!!….I feel bad even writing about it !!!!.

When faced with success, we easily forget all the failures and rejects that we underwent to get what we have. But when we faced with a challenge/failure, we forget that we are blessed. When we think that life is over, we forget to realise the fact that we are blessed with wonderful parents, supercool friends and supernice people around us. We forget to realise that we are blessed to wake up everyday alive in the bed, while thousands of people die in their sleep. We forget to realise that we have the privilege to have education, money, and wealth in our lives when there are millions of illiterate people across the world. We have the privilege of having teachers and mentors in our lives who guided us to the right path when we drifted towards the wrong one, while there are so many people who follow the wrong path and end up dead. We forget that we are so blessed that there are people out there who always keep us in their prayers and send all their love through prayers. We forget that we are so blessed to have all these things in our life !!!!!!!

  With every failure there is a success hidden and so is failure within every success. So when success is common in both cases, why do we all keep thinking about our failures ???

What a tv show can teach

After downloading and watching one of my all time favorite tv shows ” PIMP MY RIDE ” , i realised that the show not only modified cars alone but also gave a wonderful message to mankind. What i learned was that each one of us, whether young or old, healthy or disabled, literate or illiterate, rich or poor  from one part of the world or the other have some special qualities within us. GOD has left beautiful gifts hidden inside each one of us but he’s kept them hidden deep inside us so that we would not be able to recognise them so easily (there are a few exceptions of course). Well, if everything were spoon-feeded to us and everything were available so easily, then life wouldn’t be much fun would it ??? Well all of us spend so much time in cribbing about ourselves and our life, that we fail to realise the good things or the blessings that we possess. Its just that since we’re not able to manage our lives well or we don’t know how, we need some pimping up ;). Hell, that’s why there is a self-help section in any bookstore you visit, that’s why companies, both big and small hire motivational trainers to motivate the employees. Being a motivational trainer myself, i can say that the pleasure of bringing out the diamond inside each indiviual is really an awesome experience :).

A good message from a cool tv show. Don’t you think ?


For those who haven’t heard about this show visit http://www.pimpmyride.com

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