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Apple brings in the iPhone 4S

The whole world was eagerly looking forward to the “Let’s talk iphone” event by Apple which was held on the 4th of October. Apple fans were all around the world were crazy and biting their nails in excitement of the possible launch of the iPhone5. But instead they, along with developers were introduced to the iPhone 4S, a modified version of the iPhone 4.

Apple iPhone 4S

Well we all know about the iPhone 4 and what it can do. Here are the new features that iPhone 4S brings in:

  • Dual-core A5 processor
  • 8 MP camera
  • iOS 5 which has plenty of features in comparison to its predecessor
  • iCloud
  • Siri, a more advanced voice recognition and command system
  • HSDPA download speeds of 14 megabytes per second 
  • Built in CDMA and GSM technology
Well, all these features will definitely boost up the performance of this phone. The apps will load much faster and smoother, thanks to the A5 chip. The iOS 5 has almost 200 different features when compared to it’s predecessor. What i really liked about the iPhone 4S, more than the A5 chip is Siri. It really lets you have a good control over your phone using voice commands and the experience felt so far is totally different from the voice recognition systems seen before.
Well, all these pretty much summarise what the new iPhone 4S is all about. Here’s the official video of the device :
But with the expected launch of Android’s latest OS, Ice Cream Sandwich and the release of Windows 8, I don’t think that Apple can sustain it’s market with the iPhone 4S, especially since iPad 3 (or so is said) is not hitting the market for atleast the next 6 months.
I have to admit that this new device has failed to conquer the hearts of the the craving fans, both naive users and developers.

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