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Respect for the King

I usually write techie stuff but today for a change I’m writing about a whole new topic; The Big Cats. I’ve been in whole with lions,tigers,cheetahs and leopards, my whole life, although my personal favorite is the majestic Lion. I’ve always dreamed of having a lion cub as a pet 😀 but i know it’s pretty much not possible, unless i become a zoologist or start my own sanctuary ! But my love for these animals is eternal. The TED talk below has inspired me in taking the honor of writing about this legendary species.

This video gave me the whole flashback of how awesome these creatures truly are. Living amongst the majestic cat species is an opportunity of a lifetime if you ask me. The mere lifetime of these creatures is an epitome of a majestic life.

Wild Cats

Lions and tigers have ruled the jungle for many years. They have been one of the most powerful and feared predators. Until a few years back. The population of these cats declined drastically and they were no more to be found anywhere ! Various activities like poaching and humans killing these creatures when threatened, to defend themselves have really taken a big hit in the overall population of this species. People killing them for their skins, jaws etc : or in short for their own selfish needs, have really affected the cat population.

Thousands of cubs have lost their mothers, thousands of females have lost their males and vice-versa. As a result these wild cats have become more and more aggressive and protective of themselves and their little ones. They don’t seem to trust humans anymore. And who is it that betrayed that trust. We, ourselves.

The following shows how people can live in harmony and friendship with this majestic predator:

All this being said, if no further action is taken from our side to help these creatures, I’m afraid that all these creatures will just become a part of a fairytale to the upcoming generations.


Cheetah Family

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