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Here comes Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet

Amazon Kindle Fire

I just finished watching a review of the latest device by Amazon, the Amazon Kindle Fire. And after watching the review, I was still gaping at the screen. Talk about value for money !!!

From the first looks of it, the smooth UI and the menus really caught my attention. The way you can seamlessly navigate through various content is just amazing. Whether it is about reading a Wired Magazine or listening to music  or watching a movie or playing angry birds or even browsing, everything runs so smoothly thanks to the dual core processor.

There is a tablet-optimised shopping app on board – this is said to comprise simplified and streamlined pages, so it is easier to buy stuff on than the actual Amazon website.You will be able to multi-task on the tablet too – so listening to music and reading at the same time is possible. You can switch between actions by bringing a screen down from the UI.

Amazon has said the Kindle Fire will have access to 100,000 movies and TV shows, 17 million songs, access to the Amazon Appstore and Kindle books.

The sad part is that there is no provision for camera, mic or even 3G. It’s simply a WiFi model.

Reading Magazines on the Kindle Fire couldn’t get better. The richness of the color and textures are preserved and hence you can get the full experience of reading a printed magazine. As we all know, ebook reading is all together at a whole new level with this new device.

The build of the tablet is good and it gives a good feeling to just hold it.

And all this for a whopping $199 !!!!!!!!

Here’s the video review of this amazing device:

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