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Get rid of Facebook real-time status update ticker


For those of you who are annoyed with the latest changes of Facebook, mainly the real-time status update ticker that appears on the top right side of your page, here’s a solution on how to get rid of it.




All thanks to techtonicc.

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2 thoughts on “Get rid of Facebook real-time status update ticker

  1. Hi Hobby, Thanks for your page.
    Am not only annoyed, Im also insulted. FACEBOOK SHOULD first do try out. Display for a while for the viewers to feel comfortable or not..then verify with all of us before making those changes official. Or at least, at least, give us an option ON/OFF. Because WE, the users, are in fact FACEBOOK. Our opinion must be valued.

    I have managed to slide up to just one person on the Whats Happening now” but not everyone will do that, unfortunately.


  2. Thanks Lan for sharing your opinion. Yes it’s true that our privacy is ours and they should really not try and make people feel insecure. Lets hope that Facebook will do something about it in the near future.

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