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What makes Angry Birds so addictive ???

Angry Birds

Well first of all, I don’t think i need to explain what “Angry Birds” is all about. It’s everywhere; games on various platforms,smartphone cases, tshirts, bagpacks, stuffed toys, movies, ads,…..phew !!!

Angry Birds, the two-year old gaming app from developer Rovio, has been downloaded more than 300 million times to date and is on track to reaching its one billion downloads, according to Rovio CEO Peter Vesterback. The franchise has turned Rovio into a reported $1 billion company (on par with JetBlue).

Starting out as a free, ads-free iPhone app in 2009, Angry Birds has expanded to free and paid versions for Android, Windows Phone 7, Symbian, Maemo, PC/Mac, Sony PS3/PSP, and Roku hardware. There are also for it’s launch on various Nintendo consoles, Microsoft Xbox, and BlackBerry PlayBook.

In a survey conducted, it was revealed that gamers play angry birds nearly 200 million minutes per day. That in turn is equivalent to each hour played each day for 16 years !!!!!!!!!!!!

Also a survey conducted by AYTM.com of 1000 gamers who have played Angry Birds 25+ times revealed that around 23% of the people found it very relaxing to play the game.

Well i guess this means that any console that comes out in the future, that does not have an angry bird app for it, isn’t going to be hanging around in the market for long 😛

Here’s a really fun trailer i like of the Angry Birds Series :

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