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Tablets destroying market for computers ?

Here’s an interesting article i came across about how the tablets will bring more life into the computer market rather than destroy it.



Personally, I believe that tablets can replace computers for in the context of its use in various businesses. Tablets generally have all features available on a laptop/PC that an employee or a businessman requires. One can utilise a tablet for creating documents or presentations on the move in a much easier way compared to a laptop. The tablet also takes the portability offered by laptops to the next level, and that i believe is one of the most important reason that  inclines the public towards tablets. Another feature would be the cost.

On the other hand, hardcore gamers would be more inclined to laptops than tablets, obviously because of the powerful graphics rendering. Even though, I’ve played games like COD Zombies and Modern Warfare 2 on my galaxy tab, the feeling of playing it is nothing compared to playing it on my laptop.

Another feature I could point out about laptops would be the plethora of storage space offered by them, but with the advent of cloud storage, you could store the same amount of data online without using the storage space of the tablet device.

Clearly the scenario shows that the laptop/PC market could get exhausted in the future, but definitely not in the very near.

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