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IBM envisioning petabyte storage system


According to an article in this week’s MIT Technology Review, IBM researchers are working on a new 120 petabyte data repository made up of 200,000 conventional hard disk drives working together. The giant data container is expected to store around 1 trillion files and should provide the space needed to allow more powerful simulations of complex systems, like those used to model weather and climate.

Here’s the interesting part: 120 petabytes equals roughly 24 billion 5 megabyte MP3 files, which sounds like a lot. But contrast it against the enormous volume of data being amassed from sites such as Facebook that in 2009 were already storing 25 terabytes of logs a day and you see that only 4,915 days could be stored.

Gone are the days when we all used to be amazed by flash drives and hard disks with their storage capacity in Gigabytes. Nowadays even 1 TB hard disk seems too less as well !!!!

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