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Android Developers spamming their apps in the market

Android Developers are reportedly spamming their apps in the android market, in order to increase exposure and publicity and thus increasing their revenue through them as well. They do this by submitting their apps through different developer accounts and also giving different names for the app as well. An example of this sort of spam is shown above, where the same app appears in different name in the market.

It’s clear that the android market isn’t perfect but using  in this way would simply populate spam in the market which would give rise to more malware ! And this eventually can prevent users from downloading from the market, ultimately resulting in loss of standard of the android market and the popularity of android !.

To all the android lovers out there, please this message on to more and more people !!

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2 thoughts on “Android Developers spamming their apps in the market

  1. That’s where Apple’s App Store scores. Google is not paying much attention to its store and the result is this.

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