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Steve Jobs steps down as CEO

Apple’s Board of Directors announced the resignation of Steve Jobs as the CEO, and the board has named Tim Cook, previously Apple’s Chief Operating Officer as the company’s new CEO, effective immediately.

Apple was once on the brink of extinction when Steve Jobs had resigned earlier. But the return of that dynamic and visionary man brought the leadership and innovation required to make Apple reach where it is today. He has made immense contributions to making Apple, a brand of quality and innovation. In his new role as the Chairman of the Board, he will continue to serve Apple with unique insights and contributions. Jobs submitted his resignation and strongly recommended that the board name Tim Cook as the new CEO.

With the stepping down of this legendary man, Apple’s fans and users are struggling to decide whether or not to hold their faith in the company and their products. It’s clear that there is no one like this man, with a larger and broader influence on the company or their industry. It is well known that the stepping down of Jobs in the early 90’s was owing to health problems and it appears that the reason for his stepping down today, remains the same.

The news has really hit the Tech Industry hard. Earlier today, Apple’s stock had gone down by 5%, revealing that Wall Street has their doubts whether the new CEO can live upto the caliber of Steve Jobs.

Well this news has really been disappointing all around the world and devastating for the Apple devotees, but the question remains….Will Tom Cook lead Apple into all its glory like Jobs did ??? Will Apple keep us it’s standard ??

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