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Blackberry Messenger coming to Android,iOS

With the tight competition between Google Android and Apple iOS, Blackberry is literally out of the picture and the future seems to be questionable. Another big issue faced BB is the low preference of developers to favor building apps for RIM instead of Android or iOS. So definitely RIM needs to do something that can bring BB back into the race. And the move to import BB Messenger into these platforms seems to be the solution. There are alternatives like Whatsapp that are used in android and iOS. They feel it would encourage people to buy the Blackberry smartphone since the messenger app for Android phones would be a stripped down version of the original where one can’t send locations, photos etc. Even the upcoming Blackberry Playbook is said to include certain apps from the Android apps. And this too would be a risky move since it would take the share from the Playbook app market.

So the question here is ” What’s BB exactly planning to do ?? Distribute their unique apps to other platforms and rip off the brand ??? “

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