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Android App Reviews: Alarm Droid

I was thinking about which app to write about first, and then saw this tiny icon on my home screen. Yes, it’s called Alarm Droid. The reason why I’m writing about this app first because this might probably be one of the simplest and least battery consuming app on the market. Another feature I love is the home screen widget available which consists of the same droid image as above followed by the time of the alarm. It’s a very small widget and can fit into any gaps in the screen. Tapping this widget will open up the menu screen where you can set your alarm. A very simple and fast interface and definitely worth downloading !!! Works perfectly on my galaxy tab !!!

This review is from a user-perspective and not from a technical or developer one. So leave a comment below, if you want to know more about this app. Hope this information helps ! Cheerzz 🙂

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