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Restaurant now replaces the paper menu with an ipad version

A restaurant in Atlanta has abandoned the use of the age-old menus with digital ones. Apparently they’re doing this by providing the menus on the ipad. Yes, which means that each table will now have an ipad menu !!!! Wow !!! Here’s the link to the video showing implementation of that technology:


In today’s world, what can you not do with an ipad ?!?!?

Cheerzz 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Restaurant now replaces the paper menu with an ipad version

  1. ron_f on said:

    It’s a great idea! Today everybody use smart phones and ipads and it will be easy for people to browse through this kind of menu, and personally I’ll be happy to see a photo of the dish before I eat it. There is a company that does iPad menu for restaurants – “Conceptic” – you can download the demo at the appstore, just look for “emenu 4 restaurant”.

  2. Well yea now you can actually see the dish for urself instead of asking the waiter its contents and what it looks like 😀

    @ron_f : Thanks for the comment and the link. Do comment upon anything interesting that you find in the blog 🙂

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