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AVG Antivirus Pro Review

As i promised in one of my previous posts, here’s the basic outline review of AVG Antivirus Pro:

Basically as far as I’ve used ( which is about 2-3 weeks), it’s been really good. Some things i like are:

1. Simple Interface.

2. No complex settings.

3. Scans all around your device including your incoming messages.

4. Once you install a new software, the app automatically checks it for suspicious content. The same goes for text messages.

5. Scales well in tab (Have not tried in all tabs but works well in Galaxy Tab P1000).

6. Do not see any reduction in battery life or anything like that.

7. Runs well in the background without taking up much RAM.

8. A widget for home screen is available as well, which enables you to see what activity the antivirus is performing currently.

Overall a nice piece of antivirus software. I like and i think its worth buying it. Anyways if anyone gets any problem with it or any malicious content despite having the antivirus, please leave a comment below. Hope the information helps ! Cheerz 🙂

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