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Android users least prepared for rise in mobile malware

With the steep rise of popularity of android in 2011, there is something else slowly rising up that it’s users are unaware of: Malware. Retrevo.com Gadgetology Report apparently shows that nearly a third of android respondents were unaware or rather unprepared of this fact.

Android lags iPhone (32 percent compared to 36 percent for the iPhone) when it comes to being aware that there is a malware threat.

Four out of ten Android users responded that they have not done anything to prevent someone from misusing the data on their smartphone. Another fact to be noted is that less than half of Android users lock their device with a password and that only two out of ten have any other security measures in place, making it ideal for malware to move in.

Ofcourse one reason for this rising malware is that android is basically an open source project and hence malware should be expected. In this respect, Apple has more control over the iOS and AppStore which makes it difficult to push malware in, unless a user goes aound various third party app stores with his/her jailbroken device.

Another feature of android recently discovered by hackers makes it an even more powerful tool if it falls into the wrong hand. More explanation about this issue is given here : https://hobbymerge.wordpress.com/2011/08/03/hackers-claim-the-possibility-of-hacking-a-computer-using-your-android-phone/.

Hence we all must begin to accept the fact that, like computers, we need to take some measures to ensure that our valuable buddy smartphone/tab remains safe. Some simple measures are given below:

1. Lock your device with a password at all times. If your device does not require an unlock password and by chance gets stolen, falling into the wrong hands would mean trouble.

2. Verify the publisher and content of the apps that you’re downloading. Every app has user comments about it as well. Be sure to give  them a look before you download. 

3. Try not to download third party apps, but if you really can’t resist, then make sure you’re getting them from a proper site.

4. Use the native AppStore to download your apps. Downloading from third party or unknown AppStores would be like having a malware party.

5. Use an antivirus and a firewall for your device. Antivirus scans the device for malware and suspicious contents and a firewall helps you to control the network traffic. Personally, I own a galaxy tab and am using AVG antivirus pro.

I’ll publish my review of AVG antivirus pro soon to help out in a better way. Hope the info helps 🙂

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