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How to Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000

Hey all !! Recently i ran into an awkward situation where i put a pattern password to keep my sis from messing with it, but ended up forgetting what the pattern was !!…GOSH !!…but finally after looking through a couple of websites i figured out how it’s done. I’ll share those steps below:

1. Turn off the tab.

2. Hold the volume up button and the power button at the same time and wait for the tab to start. When you see the samsung logo, let go of power button but keep the vol up button pressed.

3. You will now enter a menu with 4 options (if i’m not wrong). To navigate among the menus, use the volume up/down key and the home key to accept your selection.

4. Select the option that says ” Factory Reset / Wipe all data ” .

5. Once selected you’ll come across a blank screen with a caution logo along with a droid with no text at all. No worries, this is just a confirmation screen. Just tap the home key to confirm.

6. All the existing data and settings from the tab will now be deleted and after a complete wipeout is done, the tab will reboot.

7. Voila !! You now have no activation screens !! But yea at the cost of losing all your data 😛

NOTE : The factory reset option will not remove the contents of the internal storage of your device. By this, i mean that if you mount your tab on pc, you should be able to see all the folders of your tab inside. Inorder to remove these folders, simply format the drive.

Incase of any doubts, pls comment below. Thank you all and happy to help 🙂

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2 thoughts on “How to Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000

  1. thaks bosss cj7250

  2. como fazer o factory reset do meu tablet P1000MID Ztouch? me ajuda plis

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