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Hackers claim the possibility of hacking a computer using your android phone

Hackers at the Black Hat Conference have presented a new way to hack into a computer the help of an android phone. The phone simply dons an innocent disguise to mask its true identity over a USB connection. The computer doesn’t see a smart phone–it sees a USB mouse or keyboard and relinquishes control to the phone without even knowing it’s connected.

That may not seem like much of an attack–after all, if you can plug in a phone, you could just use the actual mouse or keyboard–but the hackers claimed they could install malware on the computer which would be spread to other phones that jack in via USB.

The hack doesn’t really exploit an operating system bug–it just masks its identity so that the computer willingly gives up control. The hack will work with any phone that has a programmable USB controller, so Android handsets aren’t the only ones that can carry out this nefarious deed.

And I was thinking that all this could only be done in movies !!!!!

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