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Instructions for jailbreaking ipod touch for those who are confused with all complex dev stuff given on the net

Hey all ! I just got my ipod touch and its a totally awesome gadget ! Anyways I tried to jailbreak my itouch and download some apps into it. Had some difficulty in the beginning but finally got it working with ease, thanks to cyndia and appcake. Well, here’s how i did it:
1. First go to http://www.jailbreakme.com from your ipod touch and download the software cyndia. Cyndia is the software that will help in jailbreaking the ipod.

2. Next open cyndia. You will see 5 options namely CYNDIA, SECTIONS, CHANGES, MANAGE and SEARCH. Select Manage>Sources>Hit edit on the top right side>choose ADD on the top-left side>add the url http://cyndia.iphonecake.com. Once you’ve added the url, you should now see iphonecake in the sources list.

3. Select iphonecake from the sources list. This opens up a new page which list all packages included in the source.

4. Look for AppCake+ and then download it. Once downloaded, AppCake will now be available on the springboard. Open it and enjoy ! :). The interface is sort of similar to that of AppStore.

There is a very common software called Installous used instead of AppCake, but many people have also reported problems using it. I, myself had issues using it. AppCake is a really easy-to-use application with no fuss.

For those who wish to know how to transfer cracked ipod touch apps from the PC into the ipod, follow the following instructions:

1. First Search for openSSH in cyndia and download it into your device.

2. Next, Download WinSCP from http://winscp.net/eng/download.php onto your pc and install it. This is the software that will enable you to access your ipod touch.

3. Open WinSCP. In the host name field, enter the ip address the device. This info can be obtained by going into the Wifi menu on your device and selecting the blue arrow next to the network you’re connected to.

4. Enter “root” (without quotes) as the username and “alpine” as the password.

5. WinSCP will now access the root folder of your device.

6. On the right hand side, you will see the root folder of your device and on the left, the file explorer. You will see two folders Library and Media and a “go-back-by-one-level” icon. Click it to go back by one level.

7. Now in this level, look for a “mobile” folder and open it. There you should see the AppCake folder.

8. Simply look for the cracked app using your file explorer, drag it and drop it inside the appcake folder. The app will now be available in the Task menu inside the AppCake application. Just click on the file, select install and you’re done !!!!

Hope that i’ve made all the steps clear and easy to understand. If you’re still facing problems, just leave a comment and i will respond to you ASAP.

Happy to help 🙂 Cheerzzz !!

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