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What a tv show can teach

After downloading and watching one of my all time favorite tv shows ” PIMP MY RIDE ” , i realised that the show not only modified cars alone but also gave a wonderful message to mankind. What i learned was that each one of us, whether young or old, healthy or disabled, literate or illiterate, rich or poor  from one part of the world or the other have some special qualities within us. GOD has left beautiful gifts hidden inside each one of us but he’s kept them hidden deep inside us so that we would not be able to recognise them so easily (there are a few exceptions of course). Well, if everything were spoon-feeded to us and everything were available so easily, then life wouldn’t be much fun would it ??? Well all of us spend so much time in cribbing about ourselves and our life, that we fail to realise the good things or the blessings that we possess. Its just that since we’re not able to manage our lives well or we don’t know how, we need some pimping up ;). Hell, that’s why there is a self-help section in any bookstore you visit, that’s why companies, both big and small hire motivational trainers to motivate the employees. Being a motivational trainer myself, i can say that the pleasure of bringing out the diamond inside each indiviual is really an awesome experience :).

A good message from a cool tv show. Don’t you think ?


For those who haven’t heard about this show visit http://www.pimpmyride.com

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