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My experience with Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9

I’ve been using the galaxy tab for a week and i’m happy to say that this device rocks !!! Its really fast, has a good responsive touch screen and the sound quality is good as well. I watched a movie on it last night with full charge and in the end finished the movie with hardly any charge drained from the device. I enjoyed the experience. The only problem with this tablet(or rather any other tablet running on android os)  is that mainly most of the android apps are designed for mobile screen and so u’ll have to get used to using some apps bounded to the size of that screen. Anyways I’m sure that android will soon optimise all their apps for both  mobile as well as  tablet screen. Also another issue i find is that, its not that easy to type in the tab without using swype. But overall the galaxy tab is a good buy for everyone who wishes to use both a phone as a tablet and vice versa. Hope you found this review useful. Comments are definitely welcome 🙂

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