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Tablet Revolution

I am planning on purchasing a galaxy tab and  so before that i had a check on all the recent tablets in the market. I must say that i’m really impressed at how much easier life becomes easier with the help of these gadgets. You can do almost anything with these goodies. Whether its about using it as a multimedia tool for watching high definition movies and listening to music, or for on-the-go browsing with the introduction of flash into the tablets or if its required for business to conduct video conferences or even for an ardent traveller who wants to use the gps in case he gets lost or to use the augmented reality feature that some tablets offer to find out the happening spots and locations of his/her choice, the tablets have em all. I really liked the samsung galaxy tab for the fact that it has all the above plus the features of a phone ! Next to it, i like the blackberry playbook for its awesome processing power, which will mainly be useful for businessmen and also for those who love multitasking . Well i haven’t played around much with the iPad but all i can say is that NO tablet as of now can give you the kind of display screen and smoothness of multi touch that apple’s iPad provides. I’ll definitely write on more about galaxy tab once i get it 🙂


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